Current Competition: Demo Competition - What's in a Frame
Open for Entries Demonstration Website offers photography clubs the best on-line competition experience anywhere! It's a Home Run!

By simply filling in a few fields you can define your on-line competition in minutes. Your members can effortlessly upload images for entry in to the competition - in the assigned categories. When the competition closes, you can have judges from anywhere on the globe score your entries and leave detailed comments with absolutely no paperwork or email exchanges. Finally you can award ribbons to the winners and make all of the competition images, scores and comments available on-line in a perpetual gallery that is completely searchable.

Check out these Features

  • Define your competitions the way you want them. Change the structure any time.
  • Define your own categories, who can compete in the category and how many images they can enter.
  • Define your own scoring system with up to 6 scoring criteria. Define the point range i.e. 0-100 points
  • Members can only upload images into the categories that they are authorized.
  • Up to three judges can be allowed to score each competition from anywhere in the world using an intuitive easy to use set of judging tools.
  • Monitor the judging and competition from our easy to use administration page.
  • Manage your member contact information. Send email blasts to your members.
  • Your competition site is completely secure. Members and administrators must log in with user names and passwords.
  • ClubCompete is a web hosted service. We provide you with your own web site just like this demo site. ex:

How to use the demo site

Log in as different types of members. You will be immediately directed to the demo site. Please look at all the features available to the logged in user.

Member Login

User Name: Betty Brown


Login as Betty Brown - Go to the Competition Site

Judge Login

User Name:Judge_1


Login as Judge_1 - Go to Judging Home

Administrator Login (Has access to the Admin page)

User Name: Philip Clark


Login as Philip Clark - Go to the Admin page

Demo site restrictions:
Any changes made anywhere are not saved. You may upload images but they will not be saved. You may not send any emails. The names and personal information contained in the demo are purely fictional. The images displayed on the site belong the the very talented members of the Ocala Camera Club who have served as guinea pigs over the past several years while developing this site.